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Trademarks vs. Copyrights vs. Patents vs. Trade Secrets


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Important reasons to protect IP and find your "why"


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How to make sure you really own your IP


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Find out before you get a costly cease and desist


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Essential contract tips for your success


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Learn the risks and the rewards of each


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These mini-courses are individual lessons and do not need to be taken in any particular order. They are currently laid out in our suggested sequence, but you can take these in the order that makes sense for you & your business.

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Meet Stephanie Pottick 😊 

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Working in the toy industry on the business side for over a decade before becoming an IP, licensing and business attorney allows me to understand legal from the business perspective – your perspective. My goal is to make legal FUN & EASY to understand so you can identify and avoid legal blind spots. My passion is to teach YOU how to protect your business and brands with this “no-law-degree-required” course so you can protect, launch and license with confidence.

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